August 3, 2020

  • 11:00am Night Still Comes by Neko Case on The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight
  • 11:04am There's No Reason To Get Up by Gloom Balloon on The Songs That Couldn't Swim (A Collection of Demos)
  • 11:06am Like Like The The The Death by Silver Jews on American Water
  • 11:09am Mary Jo by Belle and Sebastian on Tigermilk (Matador)
  • 11:13am Dose Of Thunder by The Replacements on Tim
  • 11:15am Two Fingers by Jake Bugg on Good Danny's 4/12/2013
  • 11:18am She Deserves by Pezzettino (prod. LMNtlyst) on Lub Dub
  • 11:21am Which Will by Nick Drake on Pink Moon (UMe)
  • 11:24am Love Wheel by Daniel Johnston on Big Orange Studios 8/3/2009
  • 11:26am She Brings the Rain by Can on Singles
  • 11:30am Zebra by Beach House on Daytrotter Session - 2/1/2010
  • 11:35am Execution by Pink Mountaintops on Outside Love
  • 11:39am The Hook by Stephen Malkmus on Stephen Malkmus
  • 11:42am Sausalito by Conor Oberst on Conor Oberst (Merge Records)
  • 11:45am Modest Mouse / The Cold Part by Modest Mouse on The Moon & Antarctica
  • 11:50am Penance by Ol' Yeller on Penance (SMA Records)
  • 11:54am SUMMER HEART by Sleeping Jesus on House Plants (Sleeping Jesus)
  • 11:57am Talk and Talk and Talk by Jay Bennett on Whatever Happened I Apologize (Primary Wave Music)
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