August 17, 2020

  • 5:00pm Flor Y Grana by Sotavento on Flor Y Grana
  • 5:02pm DJ Schipper GRFF40 by
  • 5:03pm Hey Amorino by Amanda Pascali
  • 5:07pm If Judgment Day Is Coming by Jake Shane on Water To Land
  • 5:11pm In The Dark by High & Rising
  • 5:15pm Meanwhile in Winnsboro by Sofia Talvik
  • 5:19pm Where The Clovers Grow by Theocles
  • 5:23pm Holden Hotel by Winnie Brave
  • 5:27pm Scars by Michelle Lewis on All That's Left
  • 5:31pm If It Mattered by Jane Fallon on City Girl
  • 5:35pm Carry Me Home by John Louis on Drift
  • 5:40pm Love Heeds the Call by Songa on Dreams Are in the Making
  • 5:44pm Comatose At 233 by Erik Kjelland on The Andromeda EP - 02
  • 5:47pm She Leads With Her Heart by Patrick Cooper on Gris Gris In Your Face
  • 5:50pm Hoss by The Sapsuckers on Live on Heartland Music
  • 5:54pm A Face Like Yours by Shanna in a Dress on YouTube live
  • 5:59pm DJ Dave Schipper 37_2 by
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