August 24, 2020

  • 11:00am Ocean Of Noise by Arcade Fire on Neon Bible (Legacy)
  • 11:05am velvety instrumental version by pixies on complete B sides (4 AD)
  • 11:07am Baby RocknRoll by Jay Simonson on Singer/Songwriter/freetrash COMP 1
  • 11:09am Slow Down by Mikal Cronin on Mikal Cronin
  • 11:11am Hellhole Ratface by Girls on Album
  • 11:18am Red Moon by Laura Gibson on Daytrotter Studio 4/20/2012
  • 11:21am Oxen Hope by Mirah on Studio Paradiso 3/7/2014
  • 11:25am AudioTrack 03 by morphine on good
  • 11:28am Nothing To Find by The War On Drugs on A Deeper Understanding
  • 11:34am Ghosts Of A Different Dream by Guided By Voices on Under The Bushes Under The Stars
  • 11:37am Gloom Balloon by Gloom Balloon on You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Disaster/Fix The Sunshine (An ode for Bill Doss) pts 1-7
  • 11:39am Until The Mad Clock Quits Her Running by Tacky Annie on The Little Album
  • 11:44am Don't Look Now by Minutemen on Double Nickels On The Dime
  • 11:45am Train Under Water by Bright Eyes on I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
  • 11:52am The Way You Set Me Straight by Amos Pitsch on Acid Rain
  • 11:54am If I Could Hold You Tonight by The Bodeans on Joe Dirt Car (Rhino/Slash)
  • 11:58am Pick Up The Change by Wilco on Wilco A.M. (None Such Records)
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